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Below are links to other Organisations  and Activities run by members of Sister Churches of the Free Reformed Church Rockingham:

Mission Indonesia

Our Mission Support Website concerning our work in Sumba, Indonesia.

Free Reformed Churches of Australia

Links to the other Free Reformed Churches in Australia.

Children of Light

Supporting Children in Sumba and Sabu with Education and Accomodation in Christian Homes and Boarding homes.

Amos Aid

Amos Aid Australia's mission is to serve those in need by providing practical assistance in the form of education, development, and health projects to the poor in developing countries.

Free Reformed School Association

Teaching Covenant children, that is: assisting the parents of the Free Reformed Churches in the upbringing of their children by providing Reformed education based on God's Word as summarised in the Three Forms of Unity

Fairhaven Retirement Home

The aim of the Association is to assist in providing homes for the aged, and to provide accommodation and care for the frail aged of the Free Reformed Churches.

Free Reformed Soccer League

Our League is made up of members of the Free Reformed Churches of Western Australia. We aim to promote, administer and encourage the playing of soccer within a Christian enviroment and to provide a wholesome competition with added emphasis on participation rather than outcome.

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